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Urgent Care Hoboken

Urgent Care Hoboken

Astraheath Provides Urgent Care in Hoboken for Children and Adults

If you are getting the most that you can out of life, you and your family are bound to experience some of life’s little emergencies. Do you know what you would do if any of the following were to happen to your family?

  • Your spouse has a bee sting that turns unusually red, itchy, and painful.
  • Your baby has another ear infection and it’s a weekend.
  • You fall and get some gravel in your knee or you strain your back while carrying heavy groceries.
  • Your high school son injures himself in a basketball game and his knee later swells up.

In these cases and whenever you need urgent medical attention, you would go to urgent care in Hoboken.

Urgent Care Versus the Emergency Room and Primary Care

Urgent care in Hoboken provides medical treatment for pressing conditions that are not life-threatening. More serious medical conditions, such as unstemmed bleeding or a stroke, require the emergency room. Urgent care permits you to see a physician without needing to make an appointment days ahead of time, as you might when you want to see your primary care physician.

Urgent Care Is Ready for Your Family

Accidents can happen after hours, and the Hoboken urgent care clinic is open longer than regular 9 to 5 business hours. The center welcomes adults and children with all manner of medical needs, and is equipped with an on-site x-ray machine and lab to facilitate diagnosis.