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 Urgent Care Clinic Bedminster

Urgent Care Bedminster

Bedminster Urgent Care Needs Met at Astrahealth’s Basking Ridge Clinic

Unpredictable misadventures(!) are just a part of life in Bedminster. You cannot predict what may happen and when, but Astrahealth’s Basking Ridge urgent care clinic is ready to treat you with ailments strike.

  • You can slip on the wet kitchen floor.
  • Your son can burn his finger on a candle on his birthday cake.
  • Your daughter might get some gravel in her elbows when she falls off of her bike.
  • Your spouse might slam the lid of the copy machine on his finger at work.
  • Any of you can wake up with a cold, the flu, a stomach bug, or a sore throat.

These medical hiccups are simply part of everyday life. They are not serious enough to require a trip to the emergency room, nor do you want to expose your family to the “bugs” (germs) in a hospital ER. However, it may also be prudent to not wait days for a visit with your primary care physician. Astrahealth Center is a great resource for the Bedminster community. Our urgent care center is open seven days a week with extended hours of care everyday.

Quality care and a pleasant experience are paramount when you are concerned about your family’s health in Bedminster. Astrahealth’s urgent care facility is proud of our team of physicians that are highly trained to deal with unexpected situations that can strike you and your family. Our board-certified physicians are able to treat both the adults and children in your family. We welcome the Bedminister community to visit Astrahealth and meet our friendly and comforting staff.

Urgent Care Services That Astrahealth Provides

Astrahealth’s urgent care clinic is designed to handle these types of health events in Bayonne. The clinic treats injuries that can arise in an accident, such as lacerations from cutting yourself on a piece of glass, burns from touching a hot pan, or a broken toe from tripping on a piece of furniture. Our physicians can treat colds, ear infections, urinary infections, and other illnesses. The on-site x-ray facility allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of conditions such as broken bones, while the on-site laboratory makes it easy for the clinic to collect blood samples from you to be able to provide better care.

Services Beyond Urgent Care

Feel free to visit Astrahealth Centers in Bayonne on a walk-in basis…No appointment is ever necessary. Arrange for a sports physical for your student-athlete, an annual physical, or an immigration physical. Astrahealth also offers travel and occupational medical services, as well as treatment of chronic conditions.