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Urgent Care Clinic Basking Ridge

Urgent Care in Basking Ridge

Urgent Care Clinic Basking Ridge

Where do you go when you or your family experience one of life’s little emergencies? Astrahealth’s urgent care center in Basking Ridge is the right place for situations such as the following:

  • You have a terrible sore throat that you can tell needs a doctor’s attention.
  • Your daughter comes home from school and shows you a swollen arm after falling down earlier in the day.
  • Your husband slams a window on his thumb.
  • Your son comes back from a camping trip with a scary-looking insect bite.

These scenarios can strike at any time and without a moments notice! They need medical treatment but are typically not serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. Astrahealth’s urgent care center in Basking Ridge is the go-to-place when medical urgencies arise. We serve adults and children, and are open on weekends and evenings beyond regular business hours.

Caring Service, Top-Notch Treatment, and the Necessary Facilities

Your family deserves the best, most convenient, and affordable care when a medical urgency arises. Astrahealth’s urgent care clinic in Basking Ridge is ready to provide it! Our staff strives to provide service as efficiently as possible while making our patients feel comfortable. Our clinic’s physicians have expertise in the many kinds of injuries and illnesses that are likely to strike without notice. Astrahealth’s facilities include on-site x-ray and laboratory to assist in quick and accurate diagnosis. Walk in and feel the care!