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Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me

Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me

You never want to see anything bad happen to your children, but they can easily develop the need to visit an urgent care center. For non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, urgent care can provide relief and speed healing.

When should I visit pediatric urgent care near me?

Your children may need pediatric urgent care when their conditions are in the realm that lies between life-threatening symptoms that need a trip to the emergency room, and non-pressing issues that can wait until you can make a regular appointment with your children’s pediatrician. Conditions that require urgent care include the flu, colds, sports, back, and other injuries, ear and other infections, and severe insect bites.

These conditions are good candidates for pediatric urgent care because they cannot or should not wait long for treatment. Wounds, for example, should be tended to promptly and properly to prevent infections, while fractures should be set properly and injuries should be examined to make sure they are on track to heal properly. For illnesses and infections, getting the right medications can prevent symptoms from getting worse or the infection from spreading.

What are the facilities like when I take my children to pediatric urgent care near me?

We are fully prepared to treat your children right. Our doctors are highly qualified, and our facilities have the necessary medical equipment, including in pediatric sizes.

How can I contact pediatric urgent care near me?

You can look up your local Astrahealth pediatric urgent care center online and give us a call if you have questions. We are here to help, and will be happy to give you directions to our clinic, discuss whether your child truly needs pediatric urgent care, and suggest first aid remedies that can keep your children more comfortable as they wait for treatment.