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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Union City

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Union City

Everything seems like it is going perfectly in your family…until one of your children gets hurt or sick and needs medical attention soon. If it is not an injury or illness that is life-threatening, you may not need to take your child to the emergency room. On the other hand, you know waiting to get in to see your regular pediatrician may take a few days, and your child cannot bear to wait that long.

For times like this, when your children need prompt medical attention but not emergency care, the right choice may be going to a pediatric urgent care clinic near Union City. Astrahealth Centers provides the following benefits at the pediatric urgent care clinic near Union City.

  • Extended hours most weekdays to make it easier to work around your schedule.
  • Open on Saturdays to prevent your children from needing to wait all weekend for relief.
  • Walk-ins accepted, as well as same-day appointments, since you do not get much, if any, warning, that your children will need medical attention.
  • Laboratories and x-rays on the site so your children can get diagnosed quickly and their conditions can be monitored, if needed, without much hassle.

You may need to take your children to a pediatric urgent care clinic near Union City if they have any number of standard illnesses or injuries that children get all the time. They can include these.

  • Upset stomach, mild vomiting and diarrhea, or stomach flu.
  • A bad cold or the flu.
  • An ear infection or sinus infection.
  • An injury from falling, playing sports, bumping into something, or dropping an object.
  • An insect bite while at a friend’s house.

Our doctors have plenty of experience in a wide variety of childhood conditions, and are ready to give your child top-quality care.