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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Newark

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Newark

Even the strongest, healthiest, and best-protected of children sometimes need prompt medical attention. Just consider the following scenarios. As you do, think about whether you can see your own children in them or similar ones.

Jamming a finger on a volleyball or basketball and seeing it swell up and turn red.

Getting sleepy and developing a headache and minor fever while on a field trip at school.

Falling to the ground after being pushed by a classmate during an overzealous game of tag, and having a bruised and swollen knee.

Having an ear ache that is a sign of an ear infection and feeling unable to go to school.

What do you do when your children get injured or sick and need help quickly? As long as the condition is not an emergency, they do not need to go to the emergency room. Instead, you can bring them to the Astrahealth pediatric urgent care clinic near Newark.

The pediatric urgent care clinic near Newark is prepared to handle “life’s little emergencies.” We welcome your children with their non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries and strive to help them feel better as quickly as possible.

  • Doctors with experience in various conditions.
  • Pediatric medical equipment.
  • Friendly staff to comfort children.

The pediatric urgent care clinic near Newark is open seven days a week, including extended morning and evening hours. This gives you the chance to bring your children for the care they need, since it lets you go after work if you have a regular working schedule, or outside of weekdays.

We try to treat children as quickly as possible, and offer same day appointments. Walk-ins are also welcome. Like you, we want to see your children get better and back to their usual happy selves as quickly as possible, so we are doing our part!