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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Morristown

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Morristown

When children need prompt medical attention but do not have injuries or illnesses that are life-threatening, they can come to a pediatric urgent care clinic near Morristown. The clinic, run by Astrahealth Centers, is designed to let children see a doctor quickly without giving you or your children the stress of a full-scale emergency room in a hospital.

The option of going to a pediatric urgent care clinic near Morristown also lets your children get medical attention quickly. This can relieve discomfort and promote health. Faster attention can have some of the following benefits.

  • Decrease recovery time from illnesses and infections by letting children get started on antibiotics and other prescription medications.
  • Reduce the chances of improper healing after an injury or fracture by properly diagnosing the condition and providing supporting bandages for it.
  • Stop unbearable itching or burning sensations from minor rashes or insect bites.
  • Let your children get back to their usual activities sooner by promoting better sleep through pain relief, such as from a headache or sore throat, or reducing coughing that interferes with quality sleep.

Children can get sick or injured playing with their friends, playing or practicing sports, in an accident at home or school, or by being exposed to germs at school or home, or during their afterschool activities.

It is almost certain that your children will at some point need prompt medical attention, so it is best to be prepared to bring them for a visit to the pediatric urgent care clinic near Morristown. Have the clinic’s phone number in your emergency contact list at home and in your phone, and share it with your family. Also, be aware that we are open six days a week to serve you, so there is no need to wait an entire weekend for your children to get the care they need.