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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Jersey City

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Jersey City

One of the most important jobs a parent or other caregiver has is keeping children safe and healthy. However, no matter how careful and diligent you are, your children will probably have sudden medical needs at some point. When your child gets sick or hurt, he or she may need to visit a pediatric urgent care clinic near Jersey City.

Conditions for the Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic near Jersey City versus the Emergency Room

If your children have common illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening, they can probably get the care they need at a pediatric urgent care clinic near Jersey City. These are some examples of conditions that are usually good candidates for urgent care.

  • Sore throats and minor headaches.
  • Limited area rashes.
  • Minor eye injuries and broken bones.
  • Bruises and minor burns.
  • Sprains.
  • Insect bites.
  • Low-grade fevers.

However, there are some conditions that need emergency care. Take your children to the emergency room or call 911 for conditions such as the following examples.

  • Severe diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Heavy bleeding.
  • Inability to see, speak, or move.
  • Neck or spinal injury.

Getting Ready to Give Your Children the Best Possible Care

You never know when your children will have a medical need or what that medical need may be, but you can still know what you will do when the time comes. You can call the clinic or come for walk-in service. You will be better off if you have the phone number and location of the clinic handy so you do not need to waste time looking for it when you need it.

When you come to the Astrahealth pediatric urgent care clinic near Jersey City, you can be sure your children will see high-quality doctors to help them feel better as soon as possible.