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Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Gillette

Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic Gillette

You want the best medical care for your children. If they get sick or hurt unexpectedly, they may need to see a doctor soon. Doctors can help reduce pain if children have injuries, and help insure their injuries heal properly. If children are sick, doctors can help them feel more like their usual selves and put them on the road to faster recovery. This is the goal of the Astrahealth pediatric urgent care clinic near Gillette.

All children are unfortunately susceptible to coming face to face with “life’s little emergencies.” They can get hurt while playing on the equipment at the park or in the school playground, come down with a fever or sore throat while at school or at a friend’s house, or get a funny rash or suspicious insect bite after an afternoon outing to the park.

These incidents are not a sign of bad parenting or a mistake in caregiving. They are natural. At the pediatric urgent care clinic near Gillette, we understand that you are nervous and your children are in pain or feeling sick. Be assured that we are here to make your children feel better.

We greet you when you first arrive at the pediatric urgent care clinic near Gillette, and try to make your children more comfortable because that will make them more receptive to the treatment they receive. Our doctors are top-notch, and have experience in the wide range of illnesses and injuries that children are prone to developing.

Going to the pediatric urgent care clinic near Gillette is an easy experience. We are open on Saturdays and Sundays to better match with your schedule and the unpredictability of kids’ needs. You can call us for a same-day appointment or to ask for instructions on how to take care of your children before bringing them in, and walk-ins are also welcome.