Dr. Raudel Garcia - MD

Occupational Medicine

Leave your company's healthcare needs in our trusted hands. Astrahealth provides around-the-clock occupational health services for your whole team. From worker's compensation to pre-employment exams, we know that a healthy office is a happy office. No matter the size of your workplace or your hours of business, we work with you to provide care that is quick, easy and convenient. Our corporate services include:

Treatment of work-related illness and injuries

  • Initial and follow-up Workers’ Compensation case management
  • Light duty evaluations and recommendations

On-Site Services

  • On-site clinics (drug screening, flu vaccinations)
  • On-site provider staffing services: RN, NP, PA, MD
  • College Clinical Health Services

Comprehensive medical evaluations

  • Return to work and fitness for work evaluations


  • Pre-Placement (Pre-employment) / Annual
  • FMCSA, DOT, 19-A
  • Firefighter (interior, exterior)
  • School/Sports

Additional testing

  • Vision screening, color vision screening
  • Audiology testing
  • Pulmonary function testing (PFT)
  • X-ray services
  • Laboratory testing
  • Immunization and Influenza vaccinations

Blood borne pathogen exposure testing and treatment

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