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Flu Shot Newport Nj


Flu season is officially here, and preventing sickness has never been easier.

Turn to Astrahealth's quick and professional services to protect you and your family from influenza.

Flu Shots in Newport, NJ

Are you debating whether or not to get a flu shot in Newport, NJ this year? Perhaps you received the flu vaccination last year and still become ill. However, while it’s true that vaccines are imperfect, your symptoms were undoubtedly much less severe and passed more quickly with the antibodies protecting you. You also avoided the risk of dangerous complications, such as pneumonia, because you received the vaccine.

That’s why you should seek a flu vaccine again this year. After all, the virus mutates each season, requiring a fresh flu shot to provide ideal protection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest everyone six months and older receive seasonal flu shots this year.

It’s especially important for children under age 5, adults over age 65, pregnant women, and those with asthma or chronic lung disease to receive a flu shot in Newport, NJ. These people are the most at risk for developing pneumonia or other complications if they catch the flu.

Even if you don’t fit within any of these demographics, you should still get an influenza vaccination to protect those you come in contact with daily. Other ways to help prevent spreading the disease include:

  • Avoid close contact with others when you’re sick.
  • Stay home from work or school if you have flu symptoms.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Disinfect the surfaces in your home regularly.

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