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Flu Shot Kearny


Flu season is officially here, and preventing sickness has never been easier.
Turn to Astrahealth's quick and professional services to protect you and your family from influenza.

Flu Shots in Kearny

If you’ve heard a lot of talk about flu vaccines lately, that’s because flu season is upon us. The influenza virus is most active in Kearny from October to May. By getting your vaccine early in the season, you enjoy the best protection from the disease possible.

Most people receive seasonal flu shots, but you can also receive the vaccine with a nasal spray. In fact, the CDC recommends the nasal spray option for healthy children ages 2 to 8, though adults up to age 49 can also use the nasal spray.

For the shot, you can choose a vaccine designed to protect against three or four flu viruses. This level of protection helps keep you from getting sick in Kearny, even if the vaccine turns out to be a less ideal match against the virus that year.

Keep in mind that, despite the rumors about flu shots, the vaccine itself cannot make you sick. Because the dose may not be perfect for fighting that year’s influenza virus, you may still become ill even after receiving the vaccine, but not because the vaccine caused it. A flu shot contains inactivated viruses that are no longer infectious. This allows your body to build up antibodies against the viruses, a process that takes two weeks.

Get yourself and your children ages six months and older vaccinated this year to help prevent sickness and flu-related complications that could lead to hospitalization and even death.

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