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Flu Shot Bayonne


Flu season is officially here, and preventing sickness has never been easier.
Turn to Astrahealth's quick and professional services to protect you and your family from influenza.

Flu Shots in Bayonne

Whether you received a flu vaccine last year or not, you should plan to get vaccinated this year in Bayonne. The CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive a seasonal flu shot. Here are the reasons why.

The flu is a serious disease. It can be especially harmful for children, the elderly, pregnant women and people with respiratory problems. Every flu season is different, and the disease affects everyone differently, but it’s likely to cause complications in susceptible individuals. Pneumonia is the most common complication, which can lead to hospitalization or even death.The influenza vaccine protects you from infection by forming antibodies in your body two weeks after you get the shot. Even if you don’t fit within the parameters of a susceptible individual, keeping yourself healthy is important because you avoid spreading the disease to those around you who are at greater risk of getting seriously ill.

By vaccinating your children, you reduce their risk for serious complications from the disease by 74 percent. After all, some vaccinated individuals still get sick, but because of the antibodies, the symptoms are less severe and the disease passes quickly.

It’s important to know that a flu shot in Bayonne cannot make you sick. The virus in the flu shot is inactivated, meaning it’s no longer infectious. By getting an influenza vaccination early in the season, you allow the antibodies to build up before others in your community start to get sick. To schedule your flu shot in Bayonne, please contact Astrahealth today.