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Emergency Care Physician Basking Ridge


To be effective, medical care needs to be accessible. At Astrahealth’s Emergency Rooms Hospital in Basking Ridge, the focus is on high-quality care that is convenient. We have extended evening weekday hours and are open on weekends so that you and your family can get the care you need when you need it. We accept patients without insurance, and also recognize most major insurance carriers without requiring pre-approval.

Urgent care is necessary for life’s little emergencies, when your condition is not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room or a stay at the hospital. We provide the rapid care that is necessary for these incidents, and also offer routine services to keep you and your family healthy and able to focus on living your life.

Services for Children

There are times when your middle or high school athlete needs a sports physical before being permitted to practice with the team or play in competitions. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a qualified sports physical service, but our Astrahealth facility in Basking Ridge is prepared for those times, as well as for when they are injured on the playing field without needing the emergency room. We can also help your little ones when they have other injuries, colds and sore throats, ear infections, and the flu.

Services for Adults

Our urgent care services extend to treatment of wounds and cuts, back injuries, bone fractures, sprains, urinary tract infections, and the other conditions that need impromptu care but no hospital treatment. Adults also need routine medical care, and our facility is equipped to provide it whether it is management of chronic conditions, annual or immigration physicals, or medical services for occupational and travel needs.