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Emergency Care Physician Bayonne

Emergency Care Physician Bayonne

What happens if…

These conditions need medical treatment now, but are not vital enough to send you to the hospital. Instead, you need urgent care for these and the other little emergencies that are just part of everyday life. Astrahealth’s urgent care center in Bayonne can provide the care you need.

Medical Attention When You Need It

You and your family may suddenly need medical treatment at any time, and waiting a few days to get an appointment with your personal primary care physician is not acceptable. That is why our facility in Bayonne is open on weekends and weekdays, with long hours extending past the typical workday. We accept most major insurance plans, and, since we are an officially designated urgent care practice, your regular, specialist, and urgent copays apply. No pre-approval is necessary, so we can treat you quickly.

Routine Medical Care for Children and Adults

There are also times when you need services that are not for emergency situations and that do not cause the need to see your primary care physician. Our services include basic adult and pediatric care. We can provide sports physicals for middle school and high school athletes, as well as occupational and travel medicine. For your convenience, we accept walk-ins, and an x-ray, ultrasound/Doppler and laboratory are on site.

  • You drop a grocery bag on your foot?
  • Your pre-schooler wakes up with an earache?
  • You slam your finger in a car door?
  • Your spouse gets the flu?
  • Your high school soccer player has a swollen knee?